Communication Compliance Approach in a Post-COVID World

COVID-19 pandemic has affected people all around the world in different ways. While most have counted many negativities about it, some have also found good things to be thankful for. Though many were forced to shut down due to unprecedented economic struggles, some were flexible enough to face the challenges in the business industry. Financial firms shifted from physical to remote work setup to keep employees and key company leaders safe from the coronavirus.

However, a great need to monitor employees’ communication like SMS and mobile call monitoring between direct managers and clients has been the greatest challenge in keeping a business running. Luckily, advanced communication tools like video conferencing aided company productivity.

Evolution in Compliance Modelling Driven by Data and AI

The regulation of communication compliance became a significant concern for many businesses. Still, with the help of technology evolution, the rapid response and react model developed to an always-on continuous compliance model—that led to the development of comprehensive data strategies using voice AI to help predict the risk pattern involved in client-employee conversations.

COVID-19 and the Trends in the Communication Compliance

With the fast shift of work setup since the coronavirus outbreak, the practices and policies in companies needed to be revised quickly. From transparency in communication channels, monitoring of employees, and official conversation tools like WhatsApp and WeChat, everything had to be checked now and then. For companies who cannot issue their employees with the necessary laptops and phones, the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device policy was adapted, allowing employees to use their devices for business communication.

With this set-up, business archiving solutions like TeleMessage existed. It captures and retains device contents like SMS messages, voice calls, WhatsApp and WeChat threads from BYOD mobiles to comply with data protection rules.

Check out this infographic to learn more about data protection and communication compliance in business communications.


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