How to Choose the Right Kind of Paper for Your Fountain Pen

If you don’t test a few different varieties, you can have trouble locating the paper that best complements your fountain pen. Do you know where to look for everything that has to be found in a notebook? Using oil-based inks, such as those available in ballpoint pens, will provide you greater flexibility when selecting paper. This is because some papers are better than others.

Several different water-based fountain pen inks exist, each with its own set of subtle differences. If you use low-quality paper, you may see some unexpected behaviours. Where can you find a paper that works for your needs is the issue that must be addressed. Please keep an eye out for the items we’ve highlighted while you peruse the newsstands in search of your favourite newspaper. So know about the best fountain pen paper also.

You Almost Smell The Paper, And You Definitely Feel Its Fragrance And Texture

In case you hunt hard enough, you may find paper in just about every imaginable finish. The manufacturing process will determine the final product’s texture, which might be as silky smooth, as soft as linen, or as cottony as technologically possible. The application’s specifications will determine the format and length of the required writing sample. Is it going to be utilised for classroom handouts, student drawings, or photocopies?

Printing Options

Maybe there are no geometric shapes at all. If you’re having trouble perfecting your cursive handwriting, you may find it helpful to switch to the French rule (sometimes known as “eyes”). To determine the appropriate width of your lines, pretend to write in a notebook. My own preference for a certain kind of paper depends on the requirements of the assignment at hand, but I am aware that others have firm opinions on the matter.

Inks have varying drying times since there is such a vast range of inks on the market. It might take anything from a few seconds to quite a bit for ink to dry. Although this is correct, the drying time may be significantly impacted by the kind of paper used. Smooth coated paper that is suitable with fountain pens frequently has a longer drying time because ink dries naturally by evaporation rather than absorption. This occurs because of the nature of paper. To blame for this effect are coating properties.


As a result of the thorny vines, have you been having difficulties sleeping? The joy they bring into my life is immeasurable. Feathering is a far more likely explanation than that they are gigantic octopi. When using a fountain pen on lower quality paper, the letters may seem like needles or thin tentacles if you write at an angle.

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