Top growth hacking myths to avoid


Growth hacking is a perspective rather than a set of techniques. Here, marketers try to achieve more with less. They arrange resources such as time, money, and human capital to gain more in less under a SaaS marketing agency.

Unlike other marketing techniques, the sole purpose of growth hacking is the growth of the business. Every tactic, strategy, or tool implemented or used by a growth hacker is just for a change under a growth hacking agency.


We do an in-depth market analysis to capture the latest trends and competitor information required. The SaaS marketplace is ever-growing, and your products and resolutions must be at the forefront of a buyer’s radar to increase awareness and lead generation.


It is a magic pill

Several case studies of growth hacking make people believe it is a magic pill that will bring results before you expect them. For example, Hotmail acquired millions of users offering free email service within six months of its launch under a growth hacking agency.

However, the fact is quite different than it is. This process involves A/B testing on several elements to understand the best performing strategy, lots of hard work, and, most importantly, coming up with out-of-the-box ideas as it needs you to break the linear growth pattern under a SaaS marketing agency.

All the tactics adopted in growth hacking are based on customers’ needs and behavior. Several analytics tools are also helpful in figuring out customer behavior, helping you improve user experience under a growth hacking agency.

Growth hacking is a digital marketing technique.

Regarding online marketing, growth hacking is a technique used in digital marketing. But in reality, growth hacking and digital marketing are two different concepts.

In digital marketing, marketers promote the business online to create brand awareness. They emphasize engaging the customers rather than acquiring them at all costs under a SaaS marketing agency.

Though growth hacking also involves laying out awareness and engagements, it uses several digital marketing techniques with a twist for the rapid growth of a business under a growth hacking agency. The implementation of various innovative methods ensures an increase in the number of conversions.

It is free

Often growth hacking is considered free, and so do viral marketing. Of course, the base of this concept is using a minimum budget to bring maximum growth budget to bring top growth to the business under a SaaS marketing agency. Thus, it can be an inexpensive method but only partially accessible.

Growth hacking, in general, works on the concept of shareability. Here it would help if you created lucrative offers worth people’s attention. 

Once you make such an offer, you can spread it using several social media platforms where your prospects are already searching for something like this under a SaaS marketing agency.

It focuses only on acquiring customers rather than retaining them.

Another misconception about growth hacking is it is implemented only to achieve new clients. But the fact is that growth hacking focuses on the company’s overall growth. There needs to be a strategy for making the customers repeat customers under a growth hacking agency.

By applying new strategies, the growth hackers build trust among the clients, making them loyal customers. Eventually, they not only purchase products again and again from the company but also refer the company to their connections under a SaaS marketing agency.

It is based on assumptions.

Most of the case studies on growth hacking manifest how startups have earned millions of revenue or acquired loads of customers in a few months under a SaaS marketing agency. It automatically generates a thought that GH is based on some assumptions and that there is no research behind it under a growth hacking agency.

It is an overnight success.

As we have discussed earlier, you must go through trial and error to implement growth hacking. Trial and error are costly in terms of money and time.

After a lengthy trial of failures and vocational success, you can reach your destination. Marketing is all about getting and keeping the attention of your ideal customer under a SaaS marketing agency.

Viral marketing can help you get your potential customer’s attention quickly. But it takes much more to retain their attention.

To keep them, you need to provide value in the form of content constantly. It would help if you endeavored a lot of time and effort to create such an extensive range under a growth hacking agency.

Growth hackers can only work in small firms.

More prominent companies have substantial marketing budgets. They need a growth hacking department. However, they constantly leverage growth hacking strategies to get an edge when they push new products into the market under a growth hacking agency.

Growth hackers depend on guesswork.

Contract to the reliance that growth hacking is a cheat page that depends on guesswork, it is a growth hacking strategy that relies on a lot of experimenting, collecting metrics, doing A/B testing, and making decisions on what is working.

Since there is no template for growth, you have to generate many ideas, which you test and see if they work. Therefore, growth hacking relies on facts and figures from A/B testing, experimentation, and analytics under a SaaS marketing agency.

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