You Are a BRAND


A brand can be a symbol, a specific colourful shape, a word or words or combination of all. A strong brand increases credibility, popularity & success for any business. Branding is often associated with name recognition. But the name recognition is just one component of other images that come from a brand. A good brand may convey it’s popularity, it’s style, it’s quality & it’s pricing with the name recognition.

In any given product or service there are many many competitors out there in the market place. But a big chunk of market is dominated by the big brand…! Why? Because they have created the identity that’s unique, they are able to provide the best value for the money of their target market & they have a loyal customer base for their brand.


Marks & Spencer
Coca Cola
Just have a look on each brand name. Porsche immediately gives an image of a luxury car, marks & spencer…Stylish clothing. Some brands are even so successful that it’s almost a synonym of their product. Think of hamburger–what comes in mind? McDonald’s–right! Coffee? Starbucks! Cold drink…? Coca Cola! A brand image is more valuable asset for a business than any other possessions.


Ok! Ok! I got that! You are thinking that branding is something to do with big business companies. What’s the relation with me? How come “i am a brand”?

Let me explain here-personal branding is the combination of your talent+ your personal relations (pr) + your differentiation/ your uniqueness

personal branding is all about you-your name, your work, your style, value you offer more than others & how people perceive you.

If you are in sales or any service industry I can’t over emphasize the importance of personal branding for your success. If you are selling any product or offering any service-most probably there are at least thousands others who offer the same thing. Now here is the big why comes…Why people should buy your products or your services if they could have the same from elsewhere? Because you selling it…? You are right my friend. Now you see…It all comes down to you! Your personal brand!

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Alex Wilson: Alex, a former tech industry executive, writes about the intersection of business and technology, covering everything from AI to digital transformation.