The main difference between financial advisor and consultant:

Finance plays an important role in startup of any organization. Question arise in what is finance? Finance is a capital or the investment you have to make into the business. To run company without capital is impossible. The first step of finances is investment after that acquisition and then last come management. To manage the finance is really important. Without Finance a company cannot survive in the market. Moreover, finance without management is just a waste. Managing your capital and assets decrease your half of the expenses. In this situation the best solution is financial advisor.

Time period of financial advisor and consultant:

 If you starting a new company you must hire a financial advisor who will take financial decisions on your behalf. Financial Advisors are the one which will tell you what area you should invest in that generate maximum profit. Many people may get confused between financial consultant and financial advisor. But these both terms are entirely different to each other. Financial consultant is for short term. For example if you are having some problem the financial consultant [konsultan keuangan, which is the term in Indonesian] will solve that problem on your behalf for particular time being. Whereas the advisor is for long term. They will help you to set your goals, pursue them and develop better understanding of where to invest. Financial advisor is the one who will tell you when to bring consultant into the problem.

Interference of financial advisor versus consultant:

Financial consultant deals with the specific problem for short term but they do not interfere in your personal business affairs. Whereas advisor is the one who have your all confidential information and they have the authority to let you know what is good and what is bad for your company. Advisor don’t meet frequently as they let you know what to do and for further detail you have to hire a consultant in order to deal with some query.

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