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Though the Colorado housing market is hot, there are still many houses that are struggling to sell. Not every property is being snatched up for exorbitant amounts over the asking price. You may be frustrated that your home is not selling on the market as fast as you expected it to, or maybe you’re hesitant to put it on the market at all. Good news: there’s an easy solution to your house selling woes. You can sell nearly any property to a team of Colorado cash home buyers. Here’s what you need to know:

Cash buyers in Colorado are exactly what they sound like. They purchase properties for all cash, meaning no financing, and you walk away with the full amount of the offer in your pocket. When you list a house on the market, the process of negotiating a sale price can be stressful and time consuming; this process also causes about 15% of traditional sales to fall through.

When listing a home traditionally, you typically have to spend time with your realtor assessing what cleaning, repairs, or renovations need to be made both inside and out in order to make your home appealing to buyers. With cash buyers, this process is not necessary. You only show your house one time: to the cash buyers. No open houses, no staging, no painting over your favorite wallpaper because a “neutral has better appeal.” Does your house have structural damage, or are you struggling with payments? Have tenants made a mess of the house? No matter. These buyers can still give you an offer.

Once a cash home buyer (this can be an individual, or a representative for a company who specializes in this area) sees your property, they will make an honest assessment, then give you a no-obligation offer. If you choose to accept, there will be the full money amount available to you on the day of the close. Plus, in many of these deals, you will actually be able to choose the closing date. Another perk? No closing costs. In a traditional sale, up to 6% of the home’s value can be spent in closing costs.

Selling to cash buyers is both time and cost-effective. If you have a house that needs to sell fast, or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of listing it on the market, cash home buyers like Joe Homebuyer Denver North are the solution to your situation. No matter your Colorado home’s condition, or your personal situation, there is an offer for you. Contact Joe Homebuyer Denver North today.

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