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Connecticut allows for no-fault divorce. You don’t have to blame your spouse to get a divorce. Just stating that the marriage has broken down irretrievably is enough. So, why would you want an attorney? Unfortunately, people often realize the relevance of an experienced family lawyer much later after filing for divorce. To answer the question, you don’t have to necessarily hire a lawyer, but working with one of Local Westport, CT divorce attorneys can help in many ways. 

Expertise in Connecticut Family Laws

No matter the state, there are many aspects of family and divorce laws that can be hard to understand. Even when you seem to have decent terms with your spouse, you need to know if your decisions are right. A divorce lawyer can guide with requirements and laws related to divorce in Connecticut, and they can advise on all relevant aspects. Yes, you can talk to your friends and family members for support, but for legal expertise, you need an attorney. 

Avoid the delays

It takes at least four months to finalize a divorce in Connecticut. However, in most cases, matters drag on for years between couples, often because they never actually had sound legal advice. A family law attorney can help with all the options you may have, and they can work around a separation agreement that is reasonable and acceptable to both parties. The same lawyer cannot work for both spouses in Connecticut, so you have to hire your own. Your lawyer can minimize the time required for a divorce, and that’s a big deal because you can start your life afresh immediately. 

Don’t act on impulse

Divorce doesn’t merely change your marital status, but can impact you mentally, emotionally, and financially. This is not a decision to take on impulse, and you have to consider the expertise of someone who knows the laws. A family law attorney’s first objective is about settling the matter. Sometimes, a lawyer may ask the client to see if they can work on the marriage, but where cruelty and desertion is involved, legal advice could be totally different. An attorney ensures that your decisions related to the divorce are planned and well-thought. 

Final word

Hire an attorney as soon as you decide on filing for divorce in Connecticut. Let the attorney explain all aspects that can impact your life ahead, after the divorce. They can also advise on matters related to child custody, alimony, and child support.   

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