Freight Forwarding Company – What Types of Services They Offer?

The shipping industry continues to grow despite the pandemic. Its significance is all the more appreciated, especially nowadays when people need to send something to their loved ones from afar. Forwarding companies play a vital role in the global supply chain by simply assisting clients with their import and export needs. 

However, there are plenty of services offered by Forwarding company Singapore, and we will discuss some of them in this article. Some of the notable services include the following:

Warehousing – 

Forwarding companies handle different types of goods by having their own warehouse in some prominent locations. Some companies lease a particular place in areas with high traffic. 

Shipping and export document presentation – 

Another task that a forwarding company handles is handling shipping documents. It is a part of their task as someone that handles a high volume of goods. 

Files and handles cargo insurance claims – 

Forwarding companies are knowledgeable about shipment details. So they’re the best people to help you with your insurance coverage, especially in handling insurance claims and issues. 

Freight consolidation – 

Another thing that a forwarding company can do for you is to consolidate your freight. They can make several small shipments into one large shipment, thereby lowering the overall cost. 

Book cargo space – 

Forwarding companies know what carriers are best at servicing a particular location. They can make a huge difference in your overall shipping experience. 

Tracking of inland transportation – 

One of the most significant tasks of a forwarding company is tracking goods. Forwarding companies have a process effective in tracking shipments while in transit, be it by rail, air, or truck. 

Other notable services offered by Forwarding companies include personal effects in household shipping, door-to-door service, freight consulting, charter aircraft and cargo ships, and transborder shipping, be it by truck or air, to name a few. 

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