How to find an estate planning attorney in San Antonio?

Contrary to what many people believe, estate planning is not just for the rich and affluent. It is also a common misconception that only the old and elderly need to hire an estate planning attorney. Most people have assets and need an estate plan. The difference lies in the paperwork and documents. If you have a vast estate, your requirements are likely to be more intricate. In this post, we are sharing more on how to get San Antonio estate planning help by choosing the right lawyer. 

  1. Look for specialization

An estate planning attorney has the necessary qualifications and expertise to handle all kinds of requirements and expectations of clients. An attorney must have been dealing with estate planning in Texas for at least three years. You can always ask around to find references, but the good news is many attorneys have their websites these days, so you can check online too. 

  1. Discuss the financials

The cost of hiring an estate planning attorney may vary between states. In Texas, you can expect to pay $250 or more in an hourly rate. However, it depends on the facts of your case too. Some lawyers have a flat fee for their work, but there are limitations to what they would do for that fee. It is wise to work with a lawyer, who is open to sharing details and is transparent with service charges. 

  1. Comfort is important

There’s no denying that estate planning is an extremely personal decision, and you need an attorney who feels trustworthy. The first meeting with an attorney can be a deal breaker in many ways. Check if the attorney answered your questions about estate planning dos and don’ts, and if they take interest in your expectations. Skilled attorneys are always a step ahead in advising clients on how to get the basics right. 

Ask questions

When you meet an estate planning lawyer for the first time, you have to ask questions, like 

  1. How long have you been an estate planning attorney?
  2. Will you handle my case personally, or someone from your firm will?
  3. Do you maintain personal contact with your clients?

Some attorneys just deal with the estate planning documentation, while others will be involved in execution of trusts too. Hire a lawyer based on what you need, and there is no harm in shopping around. Find someone who can explain state and federal laws related to estate planning. 

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