We can all attest to the fact that all social media platforms such as Pinterest, Tiktok, Tiktok, and LinkedIn usually depend on reviews and social influence. People find it more comfortable and exciting to view pages, videos, and contents that a friend or relative or someone they are quite familiar with, might have gone through than just going through a new page on their own. The way most of these platforms work is that content or video having a reasonable amount of likes and engagements are more likely to appear on pages of more people and the engagement keeps increasing. So as this video or content keeps getting more engagement, with time, it becomes global.

Assuming such content is for a business or company’s campaign, that will definitely generate more sales and revenue for the company and also increase the online presence of the company. Let me also say that if you currently own a brand or business and you do not have a Tiktok page or not even working towards having one, then you are on a long thing. One thing you need to get here is that Tiktok is one of the biggest social media platforms globally. Unlimited opportunities are lined up on the platform for both developed and newly starting businesses. This is why you should consider having a Tiktok page for your business regardless of what you have to offer. No matter how small it seems. It is very certain that you find yourself a client over the app while still doing your online activities. This is why I have come up with why and how important it is to buy Tiktok likes.


One of the biggest relevance of Tiktok likes is social influence. This is very essential as it tells people about how reliable your content is and if it is worth their time. It also gives your audience an idea of the value they would get from viewing. Asides from the social influence derived from Tiktok likes, there is other relevance that you get from it.


This is very important when you want any update made on your page to be visible. But this can never be achieved when you are short on several likes. Nobody gets to see these new changes you have made to your page when there are no likes on it. The new development on the app has changed a lot of things and so, people who may have liked your page before are likely to not see the recent updates you must have made in your profile. For a wider engagement, this is more reason you have to buy Tiktok likes.

MUTUALS.  The most interesting thing about Tiktok is that mutual friends get to see what each other likes i.e you get to see what a friend of your friend has liked. This would also create more audience for you indirectly and which will increase sales and promote your brand in the process.

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Alex Wilson: Alex, a former tech industry executive, writes about the intersection of business and technology, covering everything from AI to digital transformation.