Interested in the Film Industry? Try a Broadcasting Internship

When it comes to working in the entertainment industry, most professionals will concede that a traditional four year degree is not necessary. What seems to be much more valuable in such an industry is work experience (such as an internship or job within the industry). Unfortunately, getting the job you want may prove difficult if you do not the have relevant experience they are looking for.

If you would prefer the traditional four years of college, go for it; however, you cannot expect a guaranteed job offer once you graduate. Higher education can not necessarily give you the hands on experience necessary to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Many colleges are universities (especially smaller liberal arts schools) are limited when it comes to resources such as cameras, studios, and other necessary equipment. You may not have the chance to gain the experience that will get you the job you want.

The solution to breaking into such a fickle industry is getting a pertinent internship and networking to establish contacts. It can be who you know, not necessarily what you know when it comes to landing your dream broadcasting job. If you are currently attending school, visit the internship or career office to see what resources and internships they have available. If you are not going to school, there are still a number of resources available to you. Something that is gaining popularity is mentorships. Much like a traditional apprenticeship, a mentorship pairs a student with an industry professional for one-on-one training. There are a variety of programs that provide such broadcasting internships [] that will help you get your foot in the door. The contacts you will make during an internship can be the springboard you need to land the right job.

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