Law of Attraction – The Secret to the Holographic Experience

One of the most profound secrets to the law of attraction and manifesting what you want is the ability to activate a full holographic experience of your desires. Unfortunately few people ever experience results with the law of attraction. Everything that you do such as vision boards, affirmations, subliminal messages and visualization all done with the intention of having holographic experience.

How Does the Holographic Experience Enhance Your Practice of The Law of Attraction?

In order to attract the things you want you must have a very vivid, rich and enhanced experience in your mind. This is where visualization comes in. However if you are unable to visualize with clarity this creates a problem. If you are unable to see, hear, feel and experience with intensity then you will not be able to experience a success you are hoping for with the law of attraction.

You Continue to Attract the Same Things Over and Over

Why do you continue to track the same things over and over? It isn’t because the law of attraction does not work. It is because you are unable to create the new experience in your mind. All the schools of thought, meditation, and mental science of all designed to increase your ability to awaken your inner senses. When your inner senses are woken you can experience through visualization what you want. And, what you want will come to you faster. However until you are able to awaken your ability to visualize you will continue to experience what you always have.

The Secret to The Law of Attraction

The secret to the law of attraction is to become what you hope to attract. The secret to becoming is your ability to experience it in your mind through visualization.

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