The Law of Attraction Cannot Make You Rich and Here is the Real Reason Why

Here are 3 imported reasons why the law of attraction could not make you rich. All too often there is a misconception that by simply thinking positively anyone attract lots of money. Before I tell you the real reason why, let me first explain to you what you may not know of the law of attraction.

Law of attraction is a universal law which supports the person you already are. The law of attraction brings to you more of what you already are, more of what you already have, and more of what you observed in your present reality.

With that understanding you can now see how difficult or easy it may be to attract more money. At the heart of the law of attraction is YOU, the individual. You attract wealth and riches and more money by becoming more abundant with yourself. You could say that law of attraction is your willing servant. But as the master you must become wealthy first.

Why this may seem a bit confusing, it is not. All techniques such as meditation, visualization, and affirmations are all designed to assist you in becoming what you want to be. When you use these tools to alter your inner state the redesign a NEW YOU. As you become more of what you want to be you attract those things into your life.

There are however many secret tools to alter your inner mind as well as the energy around your physical body. But altering your inner mind and your aura you change on several levels very quickly. Those mystical tools help you to attract much faster than visualization alone.

So in order to acquire more money you must become more abundant but altering your inner state with secret tools. In the magic money e-book there are many tools which assist you to transform and attract abundance and money faster than most normal techniques.

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