Who offers the best Faculty development programme for teachers to think of in 2022?

T2 Education is a global leader in special education and faculty development programs for teachers. We offer an online faculty development program for teachers. Our teachers have the option of completing their entire courseware online or by attending classes at specific locations or at specified dates or times. Sharpen your skills with a faculty development program for teachers at Thinking of Teaching, a leading educational company that supports the development of teaching staff and those in education. Their programs are designed in collaboration with academic experts, to provide you with practical skills that will support you to create engaging lessons which impact student attainment.

Research suggests that a major consideration for teachers leaving the profession is the lack of training available to teachers. However, there are very few dedicated programs for teacher training currently on offer. Indeed, those available are inadequate and mainly untested. It should be clear therefore that we need a course that offers high-quality training, greater levels of support, and allows teachers to develop their skills and have a say in curriculum development. Horizon Education offers special education teacher courses and a Faculty development program for teachers worldwide. With this program, teachers get to choose from different options of activities that are divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The faculty development program enables them to reflect on their practice and build their professional knowledge through peer mentoring, presentation, group work, revision of video, and observation. The program is delivered “face-to-face” with an optional online course available. If you are interested in joining the faculty development program for teachers, please visit our website at www.horiseducation.com.

The program will meet the needs of all levels of teachers from both primary and secondary levels of education. You no longer have to compromise on time and money. With simple access and affordable price, teachers have a great opportunity to get the CET in 2018. With our CET courses, you will be confident in designing and implementing innovative teaching strategies in the wider classroom.

Our creative and uplifting program for teachers is designed to support, inspire and equip you with a wealth of resources. Our team of experts will unlock your full potential so that you can become an outstanding educator: the kind of teacher who students remember decades after they leave school.

Our in-house team of professional teachers develops courses for every level of educators, from pre-service to in-service to retired teachers. We offer a range of special education teacher courses including specific modules on disabilities and behavioral problems, training on how to deliver the most effective lessons, or how to help pupils communicate effectively. Practical, engaging, and academically-rigorous, with over 150 innovative modules across our 10 specialist areas of focus, from Autism to Inspiration. We also offer our teacher training as online courses for added flexibility.

CACE offers the best faculty development program for teachers to think of in 2022 because they have a proven record of providing quality training. One of the most popular Faculty development programs, designed by experienced teachers and consultants, with 40 years of experience in the field. We will give you all the tools to work productively and efficiently. 

Our criteria for success is that at the end of the course both you and your employer should be delighted you chose this course. Our award-winning faculty development program for teachers provides insights, opinions, and discussions on special education that you won’t find anywhere else. We blend psychology and philosophy, medicine and technology to give you a truly unique learning opportunity. Although SOAS, the University of London cannot tackle this question directly. We can however point out that we developed from the start a unique approach to teaching and teacher education combined with training for school leaders and other education professionals. Multidisciplinary in character, this work was initiated over 100 years ago and is rooted in our commitment to an equal opportunities agenda and internationalism. This program is committed to teacher training, consultancy, and publishing and it offers a broad range of services covering all aspects of special education.

To contribute to the excellence of educational systems in Europe, the “Erasmus+” program focuses on two specific areas: (1) Higher Education, and (2) Vocational Education and Training. Within these two pillars, it includes the Teacher Mobility and Collaborative projects. CEU has a reputation for an innovative, research-based approach that enables Faculties to recruit and retain the best faculty. Teaching and research are core skills of our faculty. Successful candidates may be invited to take part in multi-professional development programs developed specifically for them. We have sourced, adapted, and created an exciting program for the classroom and the teacher. Each session is an hour-long and includes reflection, a themed topic, and ideas for practice. Sessions are co-facilitated by an experienced special education teacher (SEND) and an experienced mainstream teacher. They are run in a comfortable environment, which has been checked to be accessible. The course can be face-to-face or blended to suit you.

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