Why do people talk about Bérêche & fils wines as a collection?

Despite differences in terroirs, the three red Bérêche & fils appellations (Chambolle-Musigny, Morey-St.-Denis, and Chassagne-Montrachet) share a common perspective. Created by Jacques Bérêche, who decided to blend the best of his three properties into a single wine, the Bérêche & fils wines are created by Philippe Bérêche, one of France’s most talented winemakers.

Bérêche & fils is the leading wine producer in Australia, with a collection of 20 wines of the highest quality. Selected from our favorite vineyards, these exceptional wines are aged in oak and bottle before release, to ensure a taste so superb you will be back for more. To make wine is to create something alive and unique. The craft of winemaking is a privilege. Creating the “Bérêche & Fils” label stems from the desire to gather on the same bottle, all the passion that characterizes Philippe Bérêche’s work. His fascination for terroir, for small vineyards, for old vines, for rare grape varieties, and work conducted with respect for tradition interacts with his son François’ taste for modernity and his desire to develop. It’s one love at play in this unique partnership, a true union that makes it possible to produce magnificent wines whose excellence is recognized by connoisseurs everywhere. 

A collection that combines tradition and modernity, Bérêche & fils offers a wide range of styles suited to every palate. Bérêche & fils is known as one of Burgundy’s three greatest wineries. Founded in 1810, in the center of Chablis, the winery has remained independent, being owned and run by approximately sixty descendants of the founder. The value and prestige of the Bérêche & fils wines both stem from the meticulousness with which Pierre Bérêche ran his business, following his father’s example. Bérêche was very keen to ensure that his products were supremely high quality. He made it a point to taste the finished product before signing off on it. In 1827 he installed a temperature-controlled cellar for keeping wine in optimum conditions until sale – an idea that was seen as quite shocking at the time. He was also ahead of his time in developing export markets, establishing contacts as far away as China. This led to the company earning the nickname “the French sommeliers.”

Since 1840, Online wine auction  has been crafting elegant wines that are informed by the diversity of the vineyards’ terroir. The wines continue to receive accolades and praise alongside their counterparts from Burgundy and Bordeaux, but with a fresh, modern perspective. The winemakers take special care in each step of the winemaking process, from hand harvesting to hand bottling and aging.

Bérêche & fils is a family-owned winery that has been in operation since 1912. Pascal Bérêche and his father, Fernand, began the style of winemaking still used today when they crafted their first wines in a small cellar made from local tuff rock. Today this tradition continues to evolve with Pascal’s son, Guillaume, and his daughter-in-law, Claire, who continue to grow the winery’s profile on both the national and international stage by using contemporary technology combined with traditional methods to craft each vintage. Bérêche & fils carefully selects parcels of land known for their quality, then meticulously harvests them and produces high-quality wines that are specially made to pair with your meals.

Domaine Bérêche & fils is the largest family-run estate of the Beaujolais region. Created in 1876 by Pierre Bérêche, Domaine Bérêche & fils has always remained in family hands and today remains a third generation. In California, Bérêche & Fils has been a family tradition since the 1860s. It all began with a young Frenchman who emigrated to California during the Gold Rush era. He settled near present-day Napa Valley and began making wine commercially. 

Around 1905, his grandson Pierre arrived in Napa as an orphan after immigrating from France. With an adventurous spirit, he planted grapes in Carneros, the cool area north of Napa best suited for growing Chardonnay. In addition to having the winemaking passion, Pierre also had the gift of auditory foresight. He predicted that consumers would soon be asking for wines that were lighter and less expensive. As a result, he made a decision that helped shape the future of Bér

For most of his life, Christian Bérêche, the owner of Berêche and Fils, has been a genuine wine enthusiast. His love for wine stems from his father’s vast knowledge of the subject and their close relationship while growing up. Let’s not pretend about it: a wine lover is someone who never leaves their hobby behind. Quite on the contrary, the wines owned by such a person fully reflect their personality. What makes Bérêche & fils wines so special? You must taste the wines before you make up your mind. The key to the success of Bérêche & fils is its policy of tradition, yet innovative.

The artisans of Bérêche & fils have been making wines the fine way since 1872. All Bérêche & fils wines are made from the best hand-picked grapes from the finest vineyards. The wine needs to age for a minimum of six months before it is bottled to make sure your wine tastes as good as it smells. Wine comes from nature, and a good winemaker respects it. This is why all Bérêche & fils wines are 100% natural.

Across each of Bérêche & fils’ thirteen appellations, winemaker Patrick Fourrier applies his capable hand to create some of France’s most sought-after wines. From the crisp, dry white or rosé, to the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blends, Bérêche & fils are loved for their expressive flavors and quality. Bérêche & fils, one of Burgundy’s largest wine producers, specializes in the production of Pinot noir, Gamay, and Chardonnay wines. Its bottles are widely distributed and carry prices that range from $10 to $300+.

The wines in this collection offer a rare combination—a gateway to the discovery of lesser-known varietals and regions, as well as the ability to age and improve in the bottle. From Bérêche & fils, a collection dedicated to fine wines. Known for its attention to detail, Bérêche & fils has been crafting wines of distinction and character since 1820. For more than 200 years, the winery has been passed from generation to generation, each one proud of its heritage, loyal to its founding principles and viticultural practices.

Bérêche & Fils wines have been made in the same landowning family for nearly two centuries. The rigorous sorting process and selection of old vines aim at a very low production rate. Combined with their origins in a dry climate, this has allowed them to maintain an excellent balance between the power of the fruit and the finesse of the wine. This collection comprises three red and three white wines, each one displaying its personality. They are designed for connoisseurs who enjoy discovering new sensations and elaborating food pairings.

Since 1935, wine collectors have been relying on Bérêche & Fils to deliver the great wines of Burgundy. The family business, based in Beaune, France, is run by 23rd generation winemaker Jean Pierre Berèche and his son Thomas, who continues to work with his father. Their passion for the art and science behind winemaking has helped them refine a process they call “precision farming” that is unparalleled in terms of quality and consistency—a formula that has won them high regard among some of the most esteemed names in French wine.

A collection of wines that distinguishes itself by its authenticity, generosity, and respect for the terroirs. It is the harmonious meeting of a family’s expertise and its land’s potential to give pleasure and well-being – A sharing of passion, knowledge, and emotions in constant evolution. The collection holds top-to-bottom classics from Bordeaux, Piedmont, and the Loire Valley.

Our wines are predominantly from Burgundy. There is more to these wines, however, than just the grape. Throughout our family’s history, we have always created a balance between tradition and innovation while enjoying both the rigor and the relaxation of winemaking. We respect the vines, their natural vitality, and their vigor. We capture their finesse and character.

Everyone knows that with the finest wines, topics of conversation come naturally. After all, each bottle is a whole world unto itself, with history, secrets, and stories to tell. And rather than try to explain all that, it’s better to just let the wines speak for themselves; whether you’re talking about them, sampling them, or serving them.

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